Hefei Wang Xiaoying Sewage Treatment Plant

Hefei Wang Xiaoying Sewage Treatment Plant
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  • Project Description :
  •  The largest municipal sewage plant in Anhui

  •  The nation's first sewage TOT concession project (2004)

  •  Introduce Germany's advanced operation management system

  •  -Smooth handover and create benefit

  •  The nation's first sewage discharge reaches the surface category IV water quality (2015)

  •     -Control noise and odor at the same time, without affecting surrounding residential areas

  •  National Development and Reform Commission rated as one of the first 13 PPP demonstration projects (2015)

  •  Innovative introduction of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects for grid-connected power generation, becoming the largest single-unit in the country, and also the first sewage treatment plant photovoltaic project in 2018 in Anhui Province

  •  (2018) has won many awards; every year, governments at all levels and many peer companies visit .