Ozone-ultrasound (Advanced Oxidation Technology)

Ozone is injected into the wastewater and then pumped into a special ultrasonic reactor; hydroxyl radicals (• OH) are produced by cavitation;

Can treat pesticides, pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, and high-salinity, high-COD, non-degradable wastewater, such as waste lye; especially suitable for some wastewater that contains toxic substances and is difficult to be treated by other processes;

As a pretreatment of biological treatment system to improve the biodegradability of wastewater;

Operation under normal temperature and pressure, safe and reliable, almost no sludge;

Integrated design of reactor and pipeline, the system is simple and flexible, and the floor space is small;

Can be applied to both new system construction and upgrading of existing ozone systems;

There have been successful cases in the field of waste alkali treatment in North America, with a COD removal rate as high as 98%;