Business Overview

  • 1
    Professional services provider in the following sectors: municipal & industrial wastewater treatment, municipal & industrial solid waste treatment, water supply, seawater desalination, O&M of water distribution network and sewerage network, river sediment treatment, soil remediation, etc.
  • 2
    Has strong investment capabilities and mature design, construction, operation and management experience, and serves government and corporate customer service through multiple models such as PPP, BOT, TOT, DBO, O & M, equity investment and process package design and engineering construction
  • 3
    Domestic and international experts with global technology and research network.
  • 4
    In aerobic granular sludge, industrial high-salinity and high-concentration wastewater treatment, zero discharge of industrial wastewater, sludge gasification, high-quality recovery of oilfield produced water, grading purification and recycling of polluted sediment in river channels, digital simulation and design optimization Pollution network and other aspects have proprietary technology and provide world-class technical solutions
  • 5
    Adhering to the rigorous and professional engineer spirit, we use advanced knowledge to provide customers with solutions tailored to local conditions, and have superb performance in various business fields.