Besino Enviornment Ltd.

        It is a wholly-owned environmental protection platform of Fosun Group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises,It was formerly the largest water company in Germany, Berlin Water Group, and a Dubai-based industrial wastewater treatment company, Metito Group, a water investment platform established in China (formerly Berlin Water). China Holdings Limited).

        Since entering China in 1997, Besino Enviornment Ltd. has grown from a professional investor and technology solution provider in the water sector to a leading domestic integrated environmental governance service provider.

World Outstanding Nature Protection Supporter

World Outstanding Nature Protection Supporter

Besino Enviornment Ltd. upholds the rigorous and professional engineer spirit, is committed to using advanced knowledge to provide customers with solutions tailored to local conditions, and strives to have superb performance in various business areas, so as to achieve our mission and commitment to environmental sustainability.

        Besino Enviornment Ltd. is committed to providing high-standard municipal sewage and refractory industrial wastewater treatment, rural sewage treatment, water supply, seawater desalination, sludge disposal, watershed management, sponge city and soil remediation planning and construction and operation services, etc Adopt flexible investment and cooperation models, such as PPP (public-private partnership), BOT (construction-operation-transfer), TOT (transfer-operation-transfer) O & M (trusted operation and management), equity acquisition and other diversified models, which are currently in the country More than 15 provinces and cities have investment projects, providing investment, main process design and key equipment supply, technology and operation management services for municipal governments, industrial parks and industrial enterprises in many places. As of the end of 2017, Besino Enviornment Ltd. has a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, total assets of more than 1.8 billion yuan, and net assets of more than 900 million yuan. The investment and operation of municipal sewage design daily treatment scale reached 1.25 million tons, industrial sewage design day The processing scale reached 192,000 tons.

        Fosun Group was established in 1992. In 2007, Fosun International (stock code: 00656) was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Fosun Group is rooted in China, deeply immersed in the fields of health, happiness and affluence. Through technology leadership and continuous innovation, the C2M (customer to smart maker) happiness ecosystem is intelligently created to provide high-quality products and services to family customers worldwide. It has now developed into a leading global investment group, with major businesses including integrated finance and industrial operations, and extensive investment in real estate, financial insurance, medical health, business tourism, cultural entertainment, steel equipment, energy, environment and other fields. As of the end of 2017, Fosun Group's total assets reached 533.788 billion yuan. Fosun International ranked among the top 2000 Forbes Global Listed Companies, and ranked 448th in the 2017 list.

        Relying on the strong shareholder support of Fosun Group, adhering to the advanced water treatment technology and operation management experience condensed in the development of Berlin Water Group in Germany for more than 160 years and the nearly 60 years of seawater desalination and industrial wastewater treatment experience of Metito Group, Besino Enviornment Ltd. has a strong The financial strength, strong capital operation ability and rich professional technology, and coordinateable resources include a strong team of domestic and foreign experts and a global technology and R & D network. Besino Enviornment Ltd. has proprietary technologies in zero discharge of industrial wastewater, desalination of seawater, biological tube membrane sewage treatment, graded purification and recycling of polluted sediments in rivers, digital simulation and design of the optimized rainwater storage and flood control schemes for sponge cities, and Provide world-class technical solutions.

        Since its establishment, Besino Enviornment Ltd. has actively expanded investment in the Chinese market and is fully responsible for the management and operation of its invested subsidiaries. It has implemented a series of water projects in the PPP mode and has become the leading water investment company in China. Among them, the PPP project of Hefei Wang Xiaoying Sewage Treatment Plant (daily treatment capacity of 300,000 tons) signed under the witness of former national leader Comrade Wen Jiabao and former German Chancellor Schroeder was rated as National by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2015 One of the first 13 PPP demonstration projects. In addition, Besino Enviornment Ltd. has successively taken over the BOT project of Xi'an Nanjiao Water Plant (daily treatment capacity of 550,000 tons), Nanchang Qingshan Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant BOT project (daily treatment capacity of 500,000 tons), and Panjin No. 2 Wastewater Treatment Plant TOT project ( Daily treatment capacity of 100,000 tons), Changchun High-tech Industrial Development Zone North District sewage treatment plant BOT project (daily treatment capacity of 100,000 tons) and Chuzhou No. 2 sewage treatment plant BOT project (daily treatment capacity of 100,000 tons) and many other large-scale Municipal water projects. In the field of industrial wastewater treatment, especially for petrochemical, coal chemical and sewage treatment in chemical parks, Besino Enviornment Ltd. also has a wealth of experience, and successfully obtained the BOT project of sewage treatment plant in Nanchong Chemical Park (with a daily treatment capacity of 17,000 tons and a total investment of 335 million Yuan), Yushen Industrial Zone Qingshui Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Plant Phase I BOT project (daily treatment capacity of 20,000 tons, total investment of 120 million yuan), and Dalian West Zhongdao Petrochemical Industrial Park Sewage Treatment Plant BOO project (daily treatment capacity of 10 10,000 tons / day, estimated total investment 800 million yuan) and many other outstanding industrial wastewater treatment projects.