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    First-class environmental comprehensive service provider serving the world



    Benchmarking an international first-class enterprise, developing into a comprehensive environmental group that integrates light and heavy, driven by capital and technology, from harmless to resource-based, and covers important subdivisions such as water / solid / hazardous waste, providing a stop for Chinese and global customers Service.

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    Company development
    1. Environmental Protection Group

      Comprehensive pollution control
      Based on the core foundation of Besino Enviornment Ltd. (former Berlin Water + Success Water + Jinke Water) and Nangang Energy and Environmental Protection Assets, a comprehensive environmental protection group covering important subdivisions such as water and wastewater, solid / hazardous waste, etc. Station pollution control service.
    2. Environment Group

      • End-point pollution control + mid-range resource regeneration. Profits do not come mainly from the government, but from value creation to corporate customers.

      • Pay attention to the safety, cleanliness, environmental protection and other needs of C-end customers in living, eating, traveling, pension, tourism, leisure, and office spaces.and office spaces.

    3. Eco Group

      • Pollution control + resource regeneration + energy utilization, from tangible resources to intangible energy.

      • Using renewable energy as a breakthrough, build an integrated energy platform that includes energy providers, transmission parties, storage regulators, metering parties, and sales parties.